Driving Test Mindset System


Feel Prepared, Calm and Ready for your UK Practical Driving Test

The Driving Test Mindset System uses a comprehensive range of powerful proven techniques and hacks to control your mindset and physiology.

Relax and use this easy 5 step system!

Using this range of different audios, you too can train your body & mind, so you can drive at your best during your test.

Get started today! For the best results it is recommended that you start as soon as possible with this system, so that you have longer to train your body and mind. However you can still get great benefits even using the audios the night before your test.

After purchasing, please check your email inbox, or spam folder, for your welcome email, to get started using the mp3 audios today.

The Driving Test Mindset System is an easy to use, powerful 5 step system:

  • Goal Setting Visualisation
  • Hypnosis – one day-time & one night-time hypnosis audio
  • Creating Your Calm Confidence Switch
  • Driving Visualisations
  • Quick Calm Down Technique

Get immediate access to 8 mp3 audios and a PDF so you can get started today.

The audios include:

Goal Setting Visualisation

Your mind moves you away from pain and towards pleasure. This visualisation technique is a powerful way of getting your mind on board for passing your test.

Night-Time Hypnosis

Just go to bed half an hour early, & let this highly relaxing audio empower you to wake up feeling calm, confident, focused and ready for your test.

Visualisation Practice

Just like high level athletes use visualisation to prepare & improve their performance, you can too. Use this audio to practice & improve your test manouvres, & focus on correcting the common driving test faults at home!

Creating Your Calm Confidence Switch DrivingTestMindset.com

Creating Your Calm Confidence Switch

helps you to train your body and mind to feel calm and confident – like a switch to turn on feelings of  calm & confidence.

Day-Time Hypnosis

‘First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you’ – this powerful relaxing hypnosis audio dialogues with your subconscious mind to empower your belief system to create the results you want.

Quick Calm Down Technique

Training your physiology so you can calm down quickly

Don’t delay in getting your mind and physiology on board – wherever you are on your journey to becoming a qualified driver in the UK – developing your mindset and physiology for taking your test is of huge benefit, so you can drive at your best during your test.

Get immediate access and start today.

After purchasing, please check you email inbox for your welcome email. If you don’t see the email, please check in your spam box.


I got anxious during my first test unfortunately which caused me to make a mistake. I had to wait 3 months to retake, and started using the audios, which really helped me stay calm and focused during my second test – and I passed – yeah 🙂


I have struggled sometimes with anxiety and confidence. Hilary’s audios and techniques have really helped me to feel calmer, and to stay in control, and I am now looking forward to passing my practical test.


I found all the techniques pretty helpful, and they helped me feel reasonably calm and focused during my test. Definitely recommend using the audios, and some of them are really relaxing..